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    Senior Dog Grabs His Leash Every Day To Go See His Favorite Person

    Cheddar the Golden Retriever had a normal dog life for eight years. He lived with a family who loved him very much and spoiled him rotten. But everything changed the day one of his owners was diagnosed with cancer. This meant the family no longer had the time or resources to properly care for Cheddar, […] More

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    I don’t Want Her, Just Put Her Down – Woman Tells Shelter

    UPDATE HERE!!! https://www.facebook.com/angelsrescue/photos/a.10151404277297912.1073741825.271191497911/10152934630942912/?type=1&theater(Original Post)Hi, I'm Mitsie. I'm an 11 year old beagle whose wonderful owner dumped me here. She told the shelter staff to kill me. She said she was sick of me and that was her reason for surrendering me. I can't believe I was her friend for all these years. What a fool I was to not sense the truth. I probably knew, but chose to accept my fate and now look at me.I've got my paws up here begging for someone out there to bring me home for Easter. I'm in a shelter and I don't understand why my owner did this to me. I have this heavy feeling in my heart and stomach and can barely breathe thinking about what is going to happen. Or it could be that feeling you get when a relationship you valued is completely OVER! Out of no where! You are my chance. Please restore my faith in humankind. Beagles live long lives! Although I want to turn back the clock to be young again, I regret that I have not figured out how. I need a local foster home today and donations to save my life. Donate in her precious name at www.angelsrescue.org/donate Local folks, please apply to foster Mittsie at www.angelsrescue.org/foster Please share quick! Our vets are full and she must find a place to go! Thank you a million from AAU and this little old princess! Anything extra she gets on funds will help save another life. XoxoAtlanta, GA USA

    Posted by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue on Friday, April 3, 2015

    The thought of abandoning them never crossed our minds. We loved them despite the mischief they caused, messes they made and shoes and socks they shredded. Mitsie is a senior beagle. She spent the first eleven years of her life with a single family. Like humans, dog’s lives are shaped by those who care for […] More

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    Dog Who Cried When Owners Abandoned Him Wants Out of His Cage

    After five years, his humans decided they didn’t want him anymore, and so they dropped him off at an animal rescue and never looked back. Puffy didn’t budge from that window; he peered out, and he cried. Suzanne Levin Kaplan, Founder of Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue, met Puffy five years ago at a crowded […] More

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