Deadly Chinese Jerky Treats…Again

Jerky dog treats imported from China are sickening and killing pets again. It is unknown how many complaints FDA has received, has received multiple complaints over the past couple of months.

Beginning eleven years ago – in 2007 – the FDA began hearing from pet food consumers regarding pet illness and death linked to jerky treats imported from China. The agency received thousands of consumer complaints, hundreds of dogs died. The illness and death reports lessened dramatically after major brands were recalled in 2013 after New York Department of Agriculture testing found high levels of illegal antibiotics in the treats. But…to date – after 11 long years of investigation – the FDA has never provided consumers with a reason/cause for the pet illnesses and deaths.

The FDA’s lack of action could be why we are now learning of more pet illnesses and deaths related to imported treats from China.

Over the last two months, this website has heard from numerous consumers whose pets were sickened (diagnosed with Fanconi syndrome – just as pets had for 11 years) or whose pet has died linked to Chinese imported jerky treats. The most recent report was the death of a beautiful little dog named Zoe. Zoe’s family provided her Walmart’s Golden Rewards Chicken Jerky.

The front of the label:

No warning to the consumer the product was manufactured in China

Tiny print on the back of the package does make the disclosure:

The Walmart website advertising of these dog treats displays these claims…

But…the Walmart website neglects to tell consumers those “All natural farm fresh ingredients” originate from China.

Pet food consumers deserve FDA’s full attention and full investigation into the hundreds of pet deaths linked to treats from China. Eleven years is too long to wait.

Pet foods and treats manufactured in China should be required to disclose this information on the front of the label prominently, easy for consumers to see.

Consumers can contact FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine at asking the agency to provide all pet owners with a reason so many pets have become sick or died linked to Chinese treats. And consumers can ask FDA to require ingredients sourced from China or manufactured in China disclosure on front of labels.

My sincere sympathies to Zoe’s family and to the many families that Chinese jerky treats have destroyed.


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