Sick Thug Repeatedly Hits His Dog In The Head While His Friends Are Laughing


We have seen some pretty shocking things in our time, but this flagrant disregard for this doggie and the awful things he is doing it truly upsetting and saddening, to say the very least, the poor defenseless dog looks petrified! The video shows the shocking actions of this thug as he repeatedly beats the dog around the head, what is wrong with people like this?

The footage pretty clearly shows a guy in a red sweatshirt, sat in the passenger side of the car; he has stood the dog, who looks scared to even move, between his legs while his buddy films him abusing the dog!

He then slaps the dog as hard as he can to the head with hos right flat of his hand, right in the ear and the head, now I know how sensitive our ears are and getting slapped in the ear really hurts, so imagine what it must be like for that poor dog!

Let see all world his criminal face, let see people for attention against the bad things, and hope that maybe this crime will be punished thanks to this post for this reason we are posting these things…


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