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8 Ways To Make Your Rescue Dog As Comfortable As Ever

Rescue dogs—regardless of their background—deserve homes where their comfort is a priority. After life in a shelter and overcoming whatever past experience earned them their “rescue dog” title, achieving ultimate comfort isn’t as simple as freshly cleaned sheets on a pillow top mattress. There’s physical comfort, and there’s also emotional restfulness to think about. Here are tips that address all angles of what it means for a rescue dog to be as comfortable as possible.

1. Make Sure the House is Dog-Proof

Like toddlers, dogs have a habit of finding new and unexpected ways to find trouble. Whether they’re digging the dirt out of your potted plants or about to ingest dangerous cleaning chemicals found under the sink, there’s a lot they could potentially get into. There’s nothing wrong with their natural curiosity, but it’s your responsibility as their guardian to make sure their investigations don’t end poorly.

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