His Dog Took Off After A Little Boy. What He Did Next Totally Saved The Child.


Too many people are still under the impression that pit bulls are aggressive, dangerous dogs, when the opposite is more often true than not.

Many owners of the breed will tell you that they’re sweet, loyal, and very protective of their families and the people close to them. However, this guy’s pit bull lab mix proved that they also don’t hesitate to rescue others in need, especially children and this story by Stacie Rae English certainly is no exception to that.
She posted tales of an impressive rescue by her brother’s dog Hurley on Facebook, where it quickly amassed more than 53,000 likes and 13,000 shares.

Stacie’s brother was just walking around his adorable dog Hurley in the neighborhood in the evening because he can unleash him and let him truly explore his surroundings and sensations.

Suddenly, the man heard loud screaming from a child. Before Stacie’s brother could react to the situation, Hurley had already made its way towards the screaming baby.

Stacie Rae English Hurley’s owner’s sister. She was so moved by what had happened that day, she took to Facebook to share her experience. Here’s what she posted:

“My brother was walking his pit bull lab mix, Hurley, in our neighborhood field around 10 pm. He walks him this late so he can let him off his leash so he can do what he loves to do, explore all the different smells. They heard a young kid scream and before my brother knew it, Hurley took off after the scream.”

“With my brother close behind…

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