10 Ways Your Dog Shows Just How Much They Care


We know that we love our dogs and so do our friends and family. But do they love us back? Some of our dogs jump all over us and lick our face frantically while some of them follow us around the house and lay at our feet. Here are some ways to tell if you pup really loves you or simply likes the way your face tastes.

1. They Lean On You (Or We Lean On Them)

Like humans, dogs lean into you as a source of comfort and affection or to protect you from danger that they sense. Whether they are anxious, nervous or in need of extra attention – it’s a sign you’re someone who can protect and keep them safe.

2. They Are Empathetic

Have you ever been sick, angry or crying and your dog whimpers and comes by your side? Dogs are social animals and they have an instinct to take care of their pack just like wolves do in the wild – you are their pack. Studies have shown that dogs have similar behaviors to human toddlers. During the study they set the dog’s owner and stranger 6 feet apart and asked each individual to talk, hum or pretend to cry. The study showed that dogs can detect emotion and show empathy when you or a stranger are in emotional distress.

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