Woman Finds Injured Dog Alone On Mountain, So She Carries Him For Miles In Search Of Help

The annual father-daughter hiking trip that Tia Vargas and her father, Ted Kasper, took this year was especially difficult. Part of the challenge was the11,000-foot peak they had decided to tackle in the Grand Tetons, but probably the bigger difficulty was the 55-pound English springer spaniel that Tia carried over her shoulders on the way down.

The dog hadn’t been part of the plan. Tia’s 76-year-old father had stopped to rest while she went on ahead to reach the summit, and on her way back she came across the injured pup. He was limping along next to some hikers who were wondering who the dog’s owner was. Tia saw the dog’s collar had a tag that said “Boomer,” and he wasn’t in good shape. It was the time for deciding…

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