Woman Finds Injured Dog Alone On Mountain, So She Carries Him For Miles In Search Of Help

“His eyes were super puffy and bloodshot. His body was swollen, even his bum was very, very swollen,” she said. “And you could tell he was very dehydrated. He had cuts and scratches on his belly and on his head. He was in bad condition.” Tia thought that if Boomer didn’t get off the mountain, he would die. But the other hikers were going on ahead to summit the mountain. There was no one to help Boomer but Tia. She told PEOPLE that it was then she decided, “OK, Boomer, I’ll help you.”

It was soon clear that Boomer wouldn’t be able to make it down the mountain on his own—Tia would need to carry him. She had to crawl under Boomer to be able to hoist him up on her shoulders. “I felt the difficulty of it right away. I never felt 55 pounds like that before,” she said. And after that…

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