Woman Finds Injured Dog Alone On Mountain, So She Carries Him For Miles In Search Of Help

Step by step she headed down the mountain. When she met up with her dad, he took photos and made jokes, “Isn’t this hike hard enough? You have to carry a dog too?”

The six miles were tough, and each time Tia put Boomer down to rest it was painful, and it was difficult to pick him back up again. She hoped that they would meet people on the trail to help, but no such luck. Tia and her dad lost the trail a couple of times because of snow and fallen trees. Tia’s dad offered to go ahead and try to find help, but Tia didn’t want to be left alone.

“The thought of stopping crossed my mind once,” she said. “My legs hurt and were shaking. When I wanted to quit is when I prayed. Prayer gave me the strength. That and my dad’s jokes.” Then she finally…

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