Woman Gives Food to Blind Racoon, Then Hits Records When He Brings His 2 Tiny “Bodyguards”

For 5 years, Eryn took care of a half-blind racoon that showed up at her Illinois home every day. She would leave some food outside for him every day.

However, things were a little different one day when the racoon showed up with two strange friends in tow.

From then on, the usual creature would show up at the Eryn’s home with his two new cat friends.  They would eat, and then the two black cats would escort their friend back into the wild. One day, the cats showed up without the racoon!

The poor racoon had passed away. However, he had lived for 5 cool years, which is actually much longer than the normal lifespan for a racoon. He had lived a good life.

After the racoon’s death, Eryn decided to adopt the two cats and welcome them into the family. They even got to make friends with her other family cat. That’s great!

Watching this clip next page, you learn many lessons of love and kindness. This is a nice lesson for all humans out there!

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