Family Cruelly Abandoned Their Dog At A Garbage Dump When They Got A New Puppy

When little Yoda’s family got a new puppy, they cruelly abandoned Yoda at a garbage dump. The tiny pup was alone, terrified, and confused as to why his humans just dumped him and left him behind.

The worst is that Yoda is only three months old and is just a puppy himself! Now he had to fend for himself on the street, and the only thing he had to eat was trash. To make matters worse, Yoda suffered from tick bite fever.

Youtube/Sidewalk Specials

Thankfully, he was finally rescued by Sidewalk Specials and was given a much-needed bath and treated for his tick bite fever. Once he was fully recovered, Sidewalk Specials planned to have him at their adoption day.

Pet Places, a pet hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, agreed to foster Yoda in the meantime. But Yoda never got to go to Sidewalk Specials’ Adoption Day, and for a very good reason. Pet Places decided to adopt Yoda and make him Harbour House Hotel’s official mascot!

Youtube/Sidewalk Specials

Yoda is enjoying his new life in South Africa with his loving humans. He gets to meet new people and dogs every day and never has to worry about being abandoned ever again.

Fun fact – Pet Places donates 10% of every accommodation booking to Sidewalk Specials! Thank you Sidewalk Specials for sharing these wonderful rescue stories with us!


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