The ‘Hachico’ of Crete Passes Over The Rainbow Bridge Waiting for His Owner For 8 Years

Years passed one after the next and the dog would continue his quest to wait in the shop for his best friend, never giving up.

It was the last place he saw his owner, who has been rushed away in an ambulance, out the back door, without his faithful four-pawed friend knowing where he went, so he just had to go back there, every day, and wait for him, all those long years he did the same!

The years passed by and his health was declining, in the neighbors saved their money and in the end, they took him to the vet so he could pass away peacefully without any more pain, and be with his owner once more in heaven.

What a truly loyal dog, we hope that as a human race dog will one day get the respect and love they deserve from all humans!

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