Dog With Heavy Chain Still Around Her Neck Crawls To Rescuers And Begs For Help

So the two women spoke to the owner, and the owner agreed to let them take the dogs.

As they drove the dogs to safety, Leslie removed the huge chain from around Dudette’s neck. It was so heavy, it left some scrapes and cuts on the dog’s skin.

New Life IFS Rescue

Dudette and the other dogs spent the night with Leslie before making a trip to the vet the next morning. All of the dogs had coccidia, a parasitic infection that attacks the intestines. But they would all recover. Dudette was then well enough to leave the vet and move on to foster care with New Life Rescue.

New Life IFS Rescue

“Emotionally, she seems pretty broken,” Rebecca told The Dodo. “It’s going to be a long road to have her come out of her shell. She’s very timid and very scared. She hides a lot. I can’t imagine what this dog has been through.”

New Life IFS Rescue

Dudette has been renamed Angel, and every single day she becomes a little more confident and outgoing. And it’s mostly thanks to a dog named Coco with whom she is sharing her foster home.

New Life IFS Rescue

Coco is very outgoing and friendly, so they paired the two dogs up with the hope that it would help the shy and timid Angel come out of her shell. And it seems to be working! 🙂

New Life IFS Rescue

When Angel’s ready to be adopted into a forever home, they hope she lands with someone with a lot of patience.

“She’s starting to realize now that she’s safe, but she still has a long way to go,” Rebecca said. “She’s going to take some work, and love and patience.”


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