Pop Star Says Goodbye To Her Beloved Dog With Bitter Sweet Last Kiss

“Goodbye Kiss 💔 Frangelica “Nanni” Moore Hart. 2002-2018. Rest in sunshine pretty girl. Thanks for waiting for me to get home 😢.”

Pink’s fans flocked to her side, posting messages of compassion during such a difficult time.

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One fan wrote:

“They give of themselves in such a way that we surely need more time with them, if only to learn how to love so unconditionally. They accept us for our flaws & reflect our best selves back at us. We don’t deserve them but I’ll be eternally grateful to have the gift of walking this earth with them.”

Pink is an animal lover and advocate. She also supports dog rescues like Road Dogs and Rescue. Dogs are a big part of Pink’s life. Frangelica’s passing will certainly leave a big hole, one that as dog owners, we sadly understand.

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Our hearts break for Pink and her family during this delicate time. Many people, unfortunately, don’t understand how hard it is to lose a pet when they’ve been raised just like one of our children. It’s a heartbreak that never truly heals.


❤️RIP Sweet Frangelica, may you run free forever!❤️

source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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