Jaguar Jumps On Tiny Dog, Moment Later The Outcome Left Everyone In Awe

This video was watched by 15 million people. People love this video and comment on it. One audience, Seanne Owen, share her memory with us:

“After reading more comments about this animal relationship, I’m reminded of a documentary I saw a few years ago, (maybe longer). It took place in England; (I can’t remember the details of how they came into possession of a very young lion cub). The cub was maybe 3 or 4 months old, & these gentlemen decided to care for it – feeding, grooming, exercise, & regular checkups at the vets. The cub was never de-clawed, because these 2 men knew it would be detrimental to it. The cub was a male, and loved to play & wrestle like any young animal; (I also don’t know what they used so the cub could use as a “scratching post”). They gave it lots of exercise, as they lived on a 20 acre parcel of land in the English countryside and had to monitor the lion cub closely – but he always returned. He grew quickly and ate pounds of meat everyday. Just after the lion’s 1st birthday, these fellows realized that they couldn’t keep this “cub” in such a small living space & the cost of feeding him was becoming an expense they couldn’t afford any longer. They made the heart wrenching decision that they had to release their “cub” into the wild. From England to Africa was a bittersweet experience, yet it had to be done. They let him go and watched how, by now, their full grown lion was no longer a playful, small little cub. They watched him gingerly walk away from the two people who had loved & nurtured him – then he disappeared into the wild. Seven years later, the fellows who raised him decided to go to Africa to see if they could find him & see how he had acclimated to his surroundings. This reunion was broadcast on Nat’l Geo., and what an amazing conclusion. It took a little while, but eventually their “cub” came out of the grasslands cautiously. I watched, thinking ‘oh oh!’. Within minutes of me thinking that, their lion ran to both of them, (knocking them over), and hugged them, licking them at the same time. It was mesmerizing, a little scary and heartwarming all at the same time! After their teary and happy reunion, a lioness and 2 cubs came with her out of the brush. They watched all of this without moving – they just watched, altho’ mother lion had to keep her cubs from running away! The reunion lasted foe maybe 15 or 20 minutes & then something happened. Their lion nudged both of his loving humans, burying his huge head in their necks. Then, the goodbyes were over, & he walked over to his lioness, cubs and other members of his pride and with one look back, left to live in the wild as he should. I remember feeling happy, sad and amazed all at the same time. I cried too! Yet I realized that this lion was where he was supposed to be. He started out small, helpless and alone to being loved, nurtured and finally, taken back to where he belonged. I’m sorry, folks, that this is so long a story. Something about this article brought back memories of this lion’s heartwarming story. Please feel free to skip reading it. Thank you to those that do. 🐅🐾🐅💖”

Thaks for sharing.


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